Nature’s Care Organic Vegetable, Fruit & Flower Food 3-4-2 (1.36kg)

Beauty isn’t only skin deep and the right nutrients make a difference so give your veggies and blooms high-quality food. Made with power-packed ingredients from nature – like a blend of select microbes- that help the breakdown of nutrients available to the soil.

An all-plants-can-eat buffet, feeds plants for up to 2 months. Give your veggies and blooms high-quality food with Miracle-Gro® Nature’s Care® Organic & Natural Vegetable, Fruit & Flower Food 3-4-2, made with organic power-packed ingredients.

Derived from: feather meal, fish meal, blood meal, wheat middlings, meat and bone meal, sulfate of potash, and calcium carbonate.

Comes in a resealable bag. 1.36kg